Meet Lucas

In January 2020, when Lucas was just 3 years old, he received a devastating diagnosis of stage 4 High-risk Neuroblastoma. Immediately, he started aggressive chemotherapy and joined a trial to increase his chances of survival to over 50% for the first 5 years following his diagnosis.

Throughout his battle with cancer, Lucas displayed remarkable strength and resilience. He endured five rounds of chemotherapy, a grueling 12+ hour tumor resection, and two life-threatening stem cell transplants, where the chances of survival were less than 1% due to complications.

Despite the challenges, Lucas managed to pull through, and while in the hospital recovering from the transplants, he underwent 12 cycles of radiation to monitor his progress closely. Currently, he is in the middle of a 6-month immunotherapy treatment, followed by the possibility of participating in a two-year trial drug called DFMO.

Lucas’s determination and courage are awe-inspiring. He takes over 20 pills daily to aid in his recovery, and his progress has amazed everyone who knows him.

Throughout this challenging journey, we have found incredible support from The Littlest Heroes. This organization has been a lifeline for us, providing much-needed assistance during this long and arduous fight against cancer. We are immensely grateful for the tremendous help and support they have received from The Littlest Heroes.