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BIANCA 13 yrs Old

I decided to paint a place where you could have a little fun you could go to a little store that you really liked. So I go this idea from when I went to give kids the world for my Make-A-Wish there was a playground by where we stayed, and it was seemed to be Candyland so that’s really where I got this idea. So first off the store in the middle which is orange is just a place where any kid could go in really enjoy because it’s filled with candy! So I decorated it with painted candies so there’s jolly ranchers and there is just like little mints and then there’s lollipops. The next building is the blue building, so on the building there is a mystery block from Mario. I chose to put a game store because I really enjoy playing video games and every time we go shopping I always try to get my mom to take me to the video game store. The next building is yellow and it’s a little bakery, so I’ve decided to put a bakery because I really like sweets, desserts and cakes, and everything like that and I also really like to bake cupcakes and cakes so I just thought of putting the bakery on there.  The next building is a red building and that is a dress store.  The white building is an art studio I decided to put this in my painting because I love to draw pain and color.  The purple building is a café and I decided to put this in my painting because I love going and getting the bakery items like muffins, cookies, and other things like that. The west building is the green building and that is a toy store because doesn’t like toys so I put that in my painting because I just like going to toy story and a lot of kids like going to toy stores an some adults like to as well. So that is what I painted and why.


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