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ARMONI 16yrs Old

I’m growing like a beautiful flower in a garden in so many different ways. Staying healthy and getting lots of sunlight. But somehow, I got some of the wrong light which was cancer. But I was like NO I’m not going to let cancer take my beautiful sunlight, I’m going to shine bright because cancers not getting my sunlight. This is a special type of journey and you’re very strong if you start and finish. There’s a lot of hard times. Getting chemo, getting poked, special hospital stays and missing out on special moments in life! This is a long journey and I know it’s way more kids fighting so I salute all the other kids in different states and countries because we all are so brave! And at the end I can say I beat this and I stood tall just like a flower and I still have my pretty light shining bright, bursting with color being me and standing tall like the strong flower that I am still fighting this!

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